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Arduino: WiiChuck Servo

I used the code from this website to control a 3 wire servo. The todbot blog seems to have lot of projects. The wiring is done pretty much the same way as the WiiChuck before. The Servo pin is connected to D7.

Wii NunChuck
Red – 3.3V
White – Ground
Green – Analog In 4 (A4)
Yellow – Analog In 5 (A5)

Red – 5V
Black – Ground
White – Digital 7 (D7)


Arduino: WiiChuck

I used the WiiChuck.h library and the WiiChuck example from the same page to get the data from the Wii nun chuck.

white – ground
red – 3.3+v
green – data
yellow – clock

Instead of cutting the wires of the nun-chuck, I used a Wiichuck Adapter from FunGizmos. It makes it easy to connect the nun-chuck to the breadboard. The data collected can be seen in the serial monitor for the Arduino software or can be displayed using a Processing software example of a RGB cube. All of this can be found on the WiiChuckClass section in Arduino Playground.

WiiChuck.h, WiiChuck.pde, WiiChuck-RGBCube