Monthly Archives: July 2011


I saw this “Popsicle Bug” robot on this website. I was very inspired by it and wanted to make one of my own. It reminded me of my old lego projects that I did in college. Except this was very light weight. The original maker left it very organic which is what I wanted to do and its fairly inexpensive to make. I used regular thread from my wife’s stitching box instead of a fish line. You can pretty much use any string/thread thats strong enough to handle the tension.

Backyard Contraption: Step 2

I added another movement to the contraption.

Backyard Contraption: Step 1

I am working on a water feature or a contraption as my wife called it. The idea is to flow water through different objects without the use of power or electricity and create different movements. Eventually, I want to collect rain water in a reservoir of some sort and let it flow through.

Step 1