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Arduino: Adafruit Motor Shield

Finally had to give in and get a motorshield for the Arduino. I purchased it from RobotShop not knowing that it was a kit (i.e. you build it yourself). I should have read the title of the item a little better. It was fun to build the shield with these instructions PDF. It helped me build up some soldering skills. Fortunately, I bought some soldering flux paste from Radio Shack which helped me keep my work clean. The shield lets me power up to 4 DC motors, 2 servos or 2 stepper motors. You can use it to power bigger motors using an external power supply. The shield has 4 H-Bridges provided by L293D chipset.

I set it up with a RC car which has 2 motors for steering and forward/reverse movement.

All the instruction on how to build the motorshield and how to use it with the library are available on this ladyada.net website

Arduino: Stepper Motor

Bought a mini stepper motor with 5 wires. Its a Symbol Mini Stepper Motor run on 5V. I tried to use the schematic from this website where someone made a driver to run the motor. For some reason I couldnt get the circuit to work. Most likely it was the transistor or the resistor value. Instead, I tried connecting the motor directly to the pin out 2, 3, 4 and 5. Using the attached sketch file, I was able to run the motor. This motor did full rotation in 20 steps (1step = 18 degrees). Still needs more testing for speed etc. The original .pde file is set to move the motor in random direction and random speed. If you change the .pde file to use constant speed/direction use the following

Speed: 1 – 50 (50 being the fastest)
Direction: 1 – 20 (20 being a complete rotation)